Couchbase Introduction

Couchbase Introduction

Couchbase Introduction

What is Couchbase Server?

I won’t spend the time to explain the intro material here but wanted to correctly identify brief explanation about the basics and we will work on running the couchbase as a container.

Couchbase is an open-source distributed multi-node-model NoSQL document-oriented database Multinode cluster. Features that are provided by the Couchbase at any scale are

  • Elastic Scalability
  • Consistent High Performance
  • Always-On Availability
  • Multi-Data Center Deployment
  • Simple and Powerful Administration
  • Enterprise-grade Security

Couchbase Server is designed to provide easy-to-scale key-value or JSON document access with low latency and high sustained throughput

In Multi node cluster every Couchbase node consists of a data service, index service, query service, and cluster manager component.

Couchbase is normally a CP type system meaning it provides Consistency and partition tolerance, or it can be set up as an AP system with multiple clusters, of Eric Brewer’s CAP theorem

Now the question, how do we run Couchbase as a container, Following are the Articles related to the containerisation of couchbase.

  1. Run Single Node Couchbase Container

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