Git - Branch Management

Git - Branch Management

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Git - Branch Management

Single branch for production and development

Consider master branch as the single branch for both prod and dev

Steps to create a branch and merge the branch to master

Step 1 checkout to master and create a branch

git checkout master

git checkout -b JinnaBalu/Sample

JinnaBalu/Sample - branch name, choose as you like

NOTE : Good practice to follow some Naming Convention to create branch name but not mandatory JinnaBalu is github user name and JinnaBalu/Sample is branch name**

Step 2 - As you done with some changes to the code, follow

git status

git add --all

git commit -am "message related to changes done in the branch"

git status

git push -u origin JinnaBalu/Sample

-a = all , m = message, push all your changes to your remote or origin branch

Step 3 - Merge newly created branch to master

Step 3.1 - Get latest from master, considering that contributors are more than one member

git checkout master

git pull

Step 3.2 - Merge master to your branch

git checkout JinnaBalu/Sample

git merge --no-ff origin master

You may get conflicts here, if someone modified the same file which you modified

Need to resolve conflicts if any and repeat Step 2

Step 3.3 - Merge your branch to master

git checkout master

git merge --no-ff origin JinnaBalu/Sample

This completes the flow of basic branching

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