Git - Reset Commits

Git - Reset Commits

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Git - Reset Commits

Remove the last commit/commits using Reset

Steps to remove the last commit/commits

Step 1 Checkout to master

git checkout master

Note : This could be done in any branch. For this example, master branch is used.

Step 2 - Get the commits history

git log

You will end up with list of commits that you made as follows.


Step 3 - Reset

Step 3.1 - Copy the commit-hash that you want to reset

All the commits that top of the selected commit-hash (not including the entered commit-hash), will be deleted.

Step 3.2 - Hard reset to go back to early stage

git reset <commit-hash> --hard

Options to reset

  1. Soft Reset
git reset <commit_hash> --soft
  1. Mixed Reset
git reset <commit_hash>


git reset <commit_hash> --mixed
  1. Hard Reset
git reset <commit_hash> --hard

Step 3 - Force push to the repository

git push <remote> master --force

<remote> can be any remote, origin is the default.

NOTE : Be careful when removing the previous commits, there is no going back once you did these changes.


We can also re-write history commits in a different place

git rebase <commit-hash>


Inverse the changes from history and create a new commit

git revert <commit-hash>

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